£13,518 funding round for Racial Justice from ‘Glad Colston’s Gone’ campaign

After the triumphant NOT GUILTY verdict in January for the ‘Colston Four’ accused, our next funding round is to redistribute the £13,518 remaining in the #GladColstonsGone! Bristol Topplers’ Defence Fund!

 This will be a special one-off round run by and for Bristol-based Black and Brown-led Racialised Groups.

We encourage applications from groups from across Bristol who may not easily access mainstream funding streams.

Please share this with groups you think might benefit!


  • Deadline for applications: Midnight, Sat 30 April
  • Shortlisting meeting: Mid-May
  • Funding day: End of May


Contact and Next Steps

About Bristol Redistro

Bristol Redistro’s mission is to give grassroots groups the power to decide how the funds we distribute are used to create social change.

Our practice is in direct opposition to the controlling philanthropy of elites such as the Society of Merchant Venturers, and Colston himself.

Read more about Bristol Redistro on the … ‘About’ page

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