Round 5 – our biggest one yet!

We’re excited to share with you that we received 42 applications for our 5th round! This is our biggest round yet, with the total amount requested over £40,000. Reading through the applications it’s impossible to imagine how our panel will be able to turn any down, but the reality is we only have enough funds to support around a quarter of them

Since we launched round 5 we’ve received donations totalling £2,650 which is an amazing boost to the £10,000 pot and will allow us to support 2 or 3 more groups. Can you chip in so we can help more? 

Our funding criteria states that applicant groups must be self-organised – the group must have been set up by and for the community. Eligible groups work to address an issue affecting them and aim to create a just, equitable and liveable world. The whole ethos of Redistro is that we give financial support to communities who are doing things their way, rather than having solutions imposed on them. 

In this round we have such a range of applications, covering healthcare and safety for the trans+ community, decolonising education, reducing isolation of migrants and refugees, collective healing and group therapy for people of African descent, making white male dominated sports more accessible, migrant-led theatre exploring migration and motherhood, wellbeing and mental health courses for women and non-binary people, free educational support for young people of African and Caribbean descent who are at risk of exclusion, healing support for sexual abuse survivors, community gardens and guerilla gardening. If these sound like projects you’d like to see supported please donate if you can and/or share this link with friends and on social media: 

Our decision-makers for this round are people from groups previously funded and they’re busy reading and scoring applications ahead of the shortlisting meeting on Saturday. Wish them luck, it’s a tough job!

Thank you so much for your support and for making it possible to give a small amount of money to groups that often are just self-funded and have never received a grant before – its goes a long way and is so appreciated.

We’ll let you know who makes it into the shortlist after the weekend. Excited to find out what happens!

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