Workshop 25/10/21: Privilege and Redistribution

You are warmly invited to join Bristol Redistro’s upcoming workshop: 

‘Effective ways of responding to our privilege – how do we redistribute wealth and power?’

  • Monday 25th October, 7pm – 9pm, via zoom
  • Facilitated by Ryan Davey and Jay Wilkinson
  • 8 places available
  • Cost: free / donation to Bristol Redistro

This workshop is for people who have more wealth than they need to survive and feel uncertainty about how best it could be used. It will be an opportunity to learn and share in a non-judgmental, participatory setting, where we consider the privileges and access to resources that we have, think about how best to use them and work on breaking down our barriers to doing so.

To sign up or ask questions, please email us with WORKSHOP in the subject.

No need to live in Bristol if you’d like to attend.