42 applications received for Round 5!

Redistro raises money to support grassroots community groups working to address an issue they’re facing, and striving to create a just, equitable and liveable world. It’s incredible how much work is going on in Bristol right under our noses, run by volunteers committed to making people’s lives better. 

The demand is growing…

As word gets out about Redistro the demand grows. In our first round we received around 15 applications, this time we received 42 applications. Given the state of public services and charity funding it’s also no wonder communities are having to do more, and needing more support to do so. 

We need your help – by 2 June

Groups previously funded by Redistro decide who gets funded in future, this keeps the decision-making at grassroots level. We had 11 people involved in shortlisting, with 5 people attending a shortlisting meeting. They have decided to shortlist 21 applications, requesting a total of £20,600. 

Redistro is run by volunteers who fundraise from individuals for each round. The pot available for this round is currently £15,340. On 3 June all the groups will get together to decide how the funds are shared between them. If we can raise another £5,260 by 2 June we can ensure all the shortlisted groups receive the full amount they need to do their vital work. 

What your donation will support

Wellbeing and mental health courses, drop-ins, workshops, events, and social gatherings facilitated by and for anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary

A small group of black men volunteers working to make the area of St Pauls a nicer place to live by working on abandoned gardens and plots of land

Young British Pakistani women supplying food, emotional and mental health support, health and wellbeing sessions and signposting across Bristol

Building solidarity and community between sex workers to ensure we all, ultimately, have access to safety, equitable workers’ rights and liberation

Free educational youth projects for young people aged 11-16yrs of African and Caribbean descent who are at risk of exclusion from school and society

A fortnightly harm reduction information centre for trans+ people who are self-medicating with HRT

A platform for promoting social cohesiveness within the current and new generations of people of Indian origin and the wider community

Grassroots community focused police monitoring group; running workshops and events for community resilience and who cop watch locally and monitor the police across the UK

A climbing community focused on celebrating diversity in a traditionally white-male dominated space, opening up outdoor spaces for global majority people

A group of Arabic speaking women working to reduce social isolation and to support women from Black and minoritised communities

Bringing more East & South East Asian representation to the events and creative scenes in Bristol

A campaign to stop the commercialisation of Bristol’s public spaces through outdoor corporate advertising, and celebrate art, nature and community instead of ads.

Community plot in St Paul’s reclaimed from its former life as a dumping space. 

Campaign for the public control of buses

A community in central Bristol that has come together to try and address the issues caused by deprivation and neglect through community projects

Queer, Non-Binary and Trans carpenter/makers sharing skills, empowering people on the margins and challenging patriarchal work environments

People of African descent healing from the legacies of the past through deep group therapy work, creative endeavours and other activities

Unifying people of Ghanaian descent to connect, communicate and promote greater knowledge and understanding of Ghanaian culture

Youth sports camps, community events, charity fundraising events, football leagues and football club for the BAME community and deprived areas of Bristol 

Bringing together Black women who experience bullying and discrimination as a result of their race and gender through peer support and learning group

Choir creating an inclusive and harmonious space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, creating a community that celebrates confidence and diversity 

Why donate? 

By donating you can be part of creating the world we all want to live in. Over half the groups shortlisted have an annual income of £2,000 or less, and many are funded by the volunteers who run the groups. Anything you can give will go a long way. Thank you!

Please share far and wide, donate to the crowdfund or donate directly into bank account below. Monthly donations really help to ensure we can keep running funding rounds, please set up a standing order if you can and email us on to let us know 🙂

Account name: Bristol Redistro

Bank: Triodos

Sort code: 16-58-10

Account number: 21244863