How it works

We not only aim to redistribute money, but also power. This is in contrast to how it usually works, where people with money get to choose which causes are important and which deserve their money. This gives them a lot of power. We want to take the decision-making power away from those with money by bringing groups that have applied for the money together to decide collectively how it’s shared out. By bringing groups together, we also hope to give people working on different issues the opportunity to make new contacts and learn from each other. 

Bristol Redistro process: 

  • we ask for groups to apply for money
  • previously funded groups shortlist the applications 
  • shortlisted groups are invited to come together for a day to decide collectively how the money should be shared between them

For the first funding round we aimed to use a process similar to that of Edge Fund, which involves all the groups getting to know each other’s work and then a simple voting process at the end to decide how the money is shared out.

All groups receive some money, though some may get more than others. You can find out more about the Edge Fund process in this short video. You can also read reports from groups who have attended a funding day in the news section of Edge Fund’s website. 

Due to Covid-19 we brought all the applicant groups together online rather than in person. We had enough money to give them all what they’d asked for so instead used the time to get to know each other and to discuss feedback and ideas on Redistro so far and how it could look in future. In the next funding round, the groups funded in the first round will shortlist the applications and be part of the final decision-making along with applicant groups.